U Shaped Kitchen Design

Modern U Shaped Kitchen Designs 2021

Modular U shaped Kitchen are in trend and are popular among home owners. U shaped kitchen is quite comfortable and easy in working due to working triangle.

Working triangle between Hob, fridge and sink helps to efficiently work in kitchen. There are various possibilities in U shape kitchen to make working triangle. Thus, in U shape kitchen space utilisation is smoothly done and working is also very efficient in such kitchen.

U shape kitchen cabinet are also one of the reasons to go for it. Kitchen cabinet in such kitchen are easy to use due to the layout of kitchen.

Space management on U or C shape kitchen is very efficient and ample storage without visible cluttering is also possible.

Kitchen look classic and sleek when layout of kitchen is chosen as U shaped. But it is comparatively costlier than straight kitchen platform.


U shaped kitchen design

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Modular U shaped Kitchen

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