POP Ceiling Design Catalogue Images

Modern POP Ceiling Design Catalogue for modern ceiling design is shown here. Looking for a beautiful POP ceiling design then look no further. We have covered the latest false ceiling design ideas for your home.

Ceiling is the heart of your Home

You can get inspiration from these POP ceiling designs and choose the best for your house. Select the colour that is best for P.O.P. design of your house.

Material Best For POP Ceiling

Pop ceiling design for your house comes in different materials. Choose the material that is best for POP ceiling design.

Gypsum Board is the ultimate choice for false ceiling design.

Brands of POP Best For Ceiling

There are hundreds of POP ceiling brands in the market. Choose the best POP ceiling brand available in your locality.

Some of the best POP Ceiling brands are as follows.

  • Gyproc by Saint-Gobain
  • Armstrong
  • Shera
  • Gypsoman
  • Gypcore

Height of POP Ceiling

Generally, the house is 10 feet in height. The false ceiling in our house comes down by 6 inches to 1 feet max.

Therefore the general height of false ceiling is 9 feet to 9.5 feet in height.

POP Ceiling Design Catalogue Images

Below is the beautiful collection of POP false ceiling design catalogues that will help you to choose the best false ceiling for your house.

POP ceiling design ideas 2022

false ceiling design

False ceiling designs For Living Room

Box ceiling designs

Combined modular false ceiling desings

Simple living room ceiling design

False ceiling designs for kitchen area

False ceiling designs for entertainment area

False ceiling designs simple and stylish

False ceiling designs for long rooms

False ceiling designs for drawing room

False ceiling designs for kitchen

False ceiling designs for bedroom

False ceiling design lights